Steps to Protect your Mobile Phone from Hackers

Mobile phones are pretty much everywhere nowadays. Almost every one of us owns one. We do not only use the mobile phone to make calls, but it is also a place where we save our music, contacts, and photos. Some of us use the cell phones as a little database where we store all sorts of private personal data such as login credentials for social media and online banking sites. Therefore, taking steps to secure your smartphone against potential hacks is vital. The primary problem with cell phones is that they are small and can be easily lost. The following are some of the aspects one can use to protect the mobile phone from hacking.


First, ensure that your patches and updates are up to date. Most of the hackers exploit the weaknesses in the phones operating system, web browsers, software applications and web browser plugins when the user is negligent about applying updates and patches. At any moment, verify that the mobile phone is running the current versions of the most used applications like WhatsApp, browsers, and other commonly used apps. Always keep a record to make sure your gadget is regularly updated, including the network hardware. It is essential to ensure that the automatic updating feature is enabled.


Secondly, secure your virtual private network (VPN). Encrypting data and identity authentication is critical to securing a VPN. Having an open network connection creates a room for hackers to attack your network at will. More so, data is undoubtedly exposed as it moves over the internet. Therefore, check the documentation of your VPN and server to guarantee that the durable protocols for authentication and encryption are put in place.


The best identity authenticating method used is the multi-factor method. In this technique, more steps are used to prove the identity of the user. For instance, in addition to a secure password, users could be obligated to enter a PIN. Else, a random numerical generated code could be sent to their registered emails or phone numbers, and this code could then be used for authentication. It is also essential to use a firewall to isolate the VPN network from the other network.


Another factor that one can employ is to clean up the inactive accounts. Hackers often use inactive accounts once assigned to previous personnel to gain access and perform their mischievous activities. There are numerous software’s available to clean the dormant accounts.


You can also protect your phone from intrusion by downloading documents from the legal websites only. Android phones allow users third-party downloads. However, this leaves your cell phone vulnerable to several threats. It gives the user the freedom to install and run any app in the gadget, but in the real sense, it is risky. Installing an app that you get on the internet compromises your security. It is essential to download applications from the legal sites like the Play store and the App Store. Google Play Store is one of the sources that you will surely get good apps. When installing the third-party apps, you can refer to the Amazon App Store and R-Droid.


Keeping the above tips in mind enables you to get past the hack worries that you face you as a mobile phone user. The steps will guarantee that your device is free from any attack or any infection that threatens the security of your phone.